22 Business Ideas for a 60 year old in 2021

22 Business Ideas for a 60 year old in 2021

Life only gets better after retirement! With more time and freedom on your hands, this is the opportunity for you to get started on a hobby, to pursue your passion, and turn your business ideas into reality. Colonel Sanders of the mega-huge KFC franchise was able to jumpstart giant fast food brand with just one secret chicken recipe during retirement. So, what’s stopping you?

Here are 22 business ideas for a 60 year old to get you inspired to start your very first entrepreneurial venture today.

1.  Catering business

Catering business for retirees

Do you like cooking for your family and friends? Why not turn your love for food into a catering business? You can start small by offering small food trays for order, and then scale up to handling dinner events and small parties as you gain more experience and equipment.

2.  Sustainable and eco-friendly products

If you’re thinking of a more retail-focused business, try to look for sustainable and eco-friendly products, which are gaining popularity now. Personally, this is also a great way to give back to the community since we are helping contribute to a better future for the next generation. Some examples are reusable sandwich wraps, bamboo straws and tumblers, recycled paper products, reusable and collapsible cups, and biodegradable dental floss.

3.    Clothing brand retail

Do you like fashion and dressing up? Do you like going to sale events and thrift shops to shop for clothes? Why not go into clothing buy-and-sell? By investing in brands and styles you like, you could share your love for fashion with so much more people. You can start a clothing brand retail store online for less capital, or you can become a person stylist too. Offer your items on Facebook or ebay, or start a small website.

4.    Smart tech for seniors

They say smart technology is only for tech-savvy people. Guess what: seniors will benefit so much more from smart home devices to help seniors live independently despite failing senses or decreased mobility! Smart tech for the home like a whole-house security system, smart smoke detectors, emergency contact systems, smart thermostat, voice-controlled appliances and lights, and door lock with video camera will help seniors live safely and securely. Why not invest on these and start selling them to your fellow seniors?

5.    Crafts workshop

art workshop for seniors

As far as business ideas for a 60 year old go, this is a chill and relaxing business idea. It lets you continue doing the arts and crafts that you love, and monetize that by sharing your skill with others! It’s easy to set up small workshops in your home or in the local community center, but because of online technology, it is now even easier to conduct this remotely through video chat apps like Zoom.

6.    Health and fitness services

Maintaining good health and fitness is important, whatever age you are. But it becomes even more critical to take care of our health when we start to get past our prime. If you’re someone who is invested in her health and fitness, if you’ve spent your life practicing wellness activities like yoga or pilates, or if you’re basically an expert on multivitamins and superfoods, you can turn this into a business idea by becoming a fitness guru. You can sell superfood and vitamins you love through an online retail store, craft health and wellness programs, and start yoga or offer exercise classes.

7.  Dance studio

Dancing is not just a great exercise—it’s also a fun activity to spend time doing! If you like dancing and have some extra space in your home, why not turn that into a dance studio? You can rent it out or even host dance classes and get-togethers.

8.   Consultancy services

This is another great business ideas for a 60 year old that takes advantage of your expertise, whatever your field is. Offer your consultancy services to businesses and individuals who need help.

9.   Customer service

Because of the proliferation of the internet, everything can now be done online. If you have great problem solving skills and if you love talking to other people, how about starting electronic customer service business where you can offer to take care of the online customer service needs of other companies and brands? This can be answering queries and orders through online platforms like Facebook or email, live chats, or handling calls via phone.

10.  Pet-sitting service

If you like animals and don’t want to shell out capital for a business, this is a great business idea. You can start a business that offers pet-sitting services. You stay local and you meet many new friends.

11.   Gardening consultancy and services

gardening business for seniors

Gardening remains to be one of the top hobbies for older women and retirees—so why not turn that hobby into something profitable? As a gardening consultancy and services business, you can sell landscaping designs, provide designing services, and even sell plants that would go well in people’s gardens.

12.  Party planning for seniors

If you love hosting and creating parties, who not cater to your specific community? As a fellow senior, you know the needs and requirements of your fellow golden agers when they host a get-together or throw a small party. Channel this knowledge by becoming the ultimate party planner in your area.

13.  Mentorship program

There is wisdom and knowledge that only comes with age. If you feel like you have much to share and contribute, you can start offering your mentorship services and life couching to the younger ones who still need guidance in their life.

14.  Painting classes

Do you love art and painting? You can start by offering painting classes and opening a painting studio in your home. This is a nice business that doesn’t only capitalize on your own hobbies and skills, but also helps spread creative beauty with those around you. Once you gain enough traction, you might want to start investing in a gallery or a small store where you can sell your paintings and hold classes.

15.  Soap-making business

Learning how to make soap is an easy but interesting journey. In fact, there is an emerging trend now where you can create vegan soaps, or soaps infused with real flowers and fruits. Tap into your inner creativity and try starting this business.

16.  Candle-making Business

Just like soap-making, candle-making is making a comeback in the market since more people are spending time at home and want to create a relaxing ambiance. Learn how to make candles and put your own unique twist into them before you start selling.

17.  Jewellery-making Business

Who doesn’t appreciate beautiful handmade jewellery? On top of being a nice hobby, jewellery-making also creates an opportunity for earning! If you love semi-precious gems, you can start crafting your own jewellery and putting them up for sale online, in small fairs and flea markets, or consign them with small cooperative stores.

18.  Yoga studio

yoga studio for seniors

Many seniors are still practicing yoga because it is a great activity for your mind and body. If you’re one of them, why not encourage more retirees to start by creating a yoga club or tai chi studio in your area?

19.  Babysitting services

Did you know research has shown that older people and younger children can help each other emotionally? Take advantage of this and offer your free time to babysit for others.

20.  Network marketing

Just like retail, network marketing is something you can do online or locally in your own community. Pick a good brand or business to partner with, whose products you trust and love, and encourage other people to buy and sell these products as well. This business relies on your social skills and network, so it should be a good business opportunity if you’ve spent years developing that.

21.  Home repair services

If you’re good at fixing things around the house, why not offer your trade and home improvement skills? There are many seniors and people who can’t or don’t have time to fix broken things around the house. Be their go-to person for these easy home repairs such as broken windows and leaky faucets.

22.  Senior relocation services

relocation for seniors

Many seniors are downsizing and moving from larger homes into smaller ones in a retirement village. Even though the movers can help seniors transfer, there is actually a lot of planning and organizing involved when you need to move to a new and smaller place. If real estate or property planning is something up your alley, you can start a senior relocation service to help seniors downsize.

There are so many more business ideas for a 60 year old it only takes creativity and commitment to make it happen. Join the 4Retirees community and start collaborating with other seniors and retirees to come up with your very own business ideas that suit your hobbies and skills. We are running bi-weekly FREE Savvy Senior Masterclasses! 



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