21 Most Wanted Seniors Online Games That Will Suit Every Taste

21 Most Wanted Seniors Online Games That Will Suit Every Taste

There is always that one game that always makes you feel alive. I bet you didn’t know that most seniors play games more frequently than any other group of population. So why there is such a need for seniors online games? With the new earned free time that comes with retirement, simply most seniors find themselves turning to games as a key social and hobby activity.  More than half of seniors are playing games online with some even playing with their children regularly.

Why the games.

There is no particular word that can describe why over sixty seniors play games. One could say to keep their minds active or for the thrill. There is really no one single reason since games are sacred, they connect uniquely to individuals, rejuvenating and fulfilling. From the thrilling experiences of seniors online games, you simply get to connect with other players, sometimes strangers that makes the experience even more interesting, just another way of mingling.

Video games engage the player’s senses and in ways, other games cannot. It stimulates the auditory and visual senses increasing cognitive focus. Some even believe it offers brain training and even reverse brain ageing. Online games for seniors can accessorize your life wholesomely happier.

What Games.

With the internet and the current technology, there are a lot of seniors online games out there. Whether you are using your phone, laptop/PC, gaming consoles such as XBOX, PlayStation or Wii, and even portable gaming devices. The best part of online games for seniors is the variety, and you get to play it with friends catching over how it used to be playing those arcade games and all the fun you had.  The variety ranges from those that are fun and simple to those meant to challenge your cognitive skills.

Here are 21 most wanted seniors online games that will suit every taste.

  1. Chess.

Seniors Online Games 7

This game is one of the most ancient seniors online games, known to be a strategy game that works on improving creativity and brain stimulation. Besides the board version, one can engage in online chess games. This game can either be downloaded into your device or played online where one could pick opponents from all over the world or play against AI

  1. Scrabble

Seniors Online Games. 6

The word-based game in which players are tasked with coming up with unique words. In this online game for seniors, players use letter tiles to build upon your opponents’ words. This keeps language in check and makes you a strategist. The combination of these two ensures that your brain cells are always working.

  1. Jigsaw puzzles

Seniors Online Games 1 2

The beauty of jigsaw puzzles is that you can choose the difficulty. Just like on the board, you can choose to play these seniors online games with 20 pieces or 500 pieces. Playing online offers variety and is even more fun as you can play it with children and grandchildren. The game strategy is quite simple; putting pieces back together. You even get to pick from the various galleries available online. Pick a variant that suits you, and have fun jogging your memory.

  1. Mahjong

Seniors Online Games. 1 1

Just like scrabble, this is another tiled game, originating from the Chinese culture. The seniors online games use dice rolling to determine the moves, hence it depends on your luck rolling a dice. There are different kinds of mahjong to play based on different levels of mahjong. The game improves cognitive ability and helps seniors with dementia.

  1. Civilization

Seniors Online Games.. 4

This is modelled out of the real world, where you allowed to design a virtual settlement, applying various strategies to grow and win wars. It even gets interesting; you will be defending your civilization form other players from all around the world. This allows your brain to learn and figure out ways to win, making it actively engaged.

  1. Candy crush

Seniors Online Games 2 1

This is an improvised puzzle. This is where you merge candies in threes or more to attain a given goal. The trick in the game is that you have limited time and moves, to complete a level with so many levels existing. This enables your brain to notice patterns and build on those patterns.

  1. Puyo Tetris.

Seniors Online Games. 2 1

Tetris, this game never gets old. By quickly rotating and aligning various color blobs and shaped blocks, get to complete the puzzle and beat the timer.

  1. Wordscapes.

Seniors Online Games 3 1

Another word puzzle one in which is played on android and IOS gadgets. The game is quite simple as you swipe on the letters to form a word. The letters given are supposed to generate enough words to fill the whole puzzle, after which you move to the next level.

  1. Sudoku

Seniors Online Games. 3 1

The game of numbers, one in which the task is to fill the entire 9×9 grid, with numbers from 1-9. The catch in this game is that one number can only appear once in a mini 3×3 grid, or in a row or in a column.

  1. Trivia

Seniors Online Games.. 1 1If you love trivia, this online platform has you covered. Trivia is one of the most wanted seniors’ online games and offer various topics. From politics, geography and even pets just to mention a few. This online game for seniors offers a chance to explore the world and learn new terms.

  1. Word search

Seniors Online Games... 3

Words are hidden in letters of words placed in a grid, and it is your task to find the words. The words are arranged in various directions, so it makes you keen and alert. As you progress the quest of becoming a super word sleuth becomes more challenging, needing the keenness of the eye.

  1.  World of Warcraft

Seniors Online Games 4 1

This is a game that has been around since 2004. The video game is played by role-playing, and it even gets better as it is multiplayer. Your role is to ensure the character you are role-playing is in perfect health. This kind of seniors online games take you on myth, magic and limitless adventure.

  1. Neuro racer

Seniors Online Games. 4 2

A game developed for the sole purpose of improving memory cognition. The multi-tasking nature of the game allows one to improve in real-life activities. This is a single-player online game for seniors that involves driving and controlling.

  1. War Thunder

Seniors Online Games.. 2 1

This game is based on battle simulations, where it allows for multiplayer simulations. Seniors can even play this game online by disarming the weapons so that it would be just flying and reminiscing. Those who love aviation get the chance to grow their knowledge of aeroplanes and jet fighters dating back to classical times. This game improves cognitive skills as controlling the planes not only require real-time brain hand coordination, but also keenness of the eye.

  1. Solitaire

Seniors Online Games... 1 1

These card games are simply one of the most popular seniors online games; it is simple rhythmic and easy to play. In fact, it is a great way to reduce emotional stress. The game also brings back memories of the earlier playing days.

  1. Crossword puzzles

Seniors online games 5 1

The beauty of crosswords is its challenging nature, there lies a great way to relax. The beauty of this is you can call a friend or a family to help you out figuring out the words. It also helps build on vocabulary as you try to figure out the hints. Get fun and growth in crossword puzzles while you enjoy time with friends and family.

  1. Super Mario

Seniors online games. 5 2

This classic arcade game has found its way into the online gaming platform. The game talks about the quest of an Italian plumber to rescue a princess requires seniors to do forward planning and acts quickly while remembering which keystrokes to use. Such kind of actions keeps the cognitive senses active making it a good online game for seniors.

  1. Minecraft

Seniors online games.. 3 2

These seniors online games give you the power to create a virtual world of your own making using blocks. With this, the limitless experiences available, go ahead and discover the various secrets and wonders available in the game. The game offers a learning opportunity and improves creativity as seniors online games go on adventures and devise various ways to overcome obstacles. Minecraft is an online game that improves cognitive skills in the process.

  1. Mensa Brain training

Seniors online games.... 1

This application has online games for seniors that targets improving, memory, concentration, agility, perception, and reasoning. These apps games are modelled by industry experts for result-oriented results; sharper brains.

  1. Lumosity

Seniors online games... 2 2

This is not a game per se, instead, it is an application in which it provides various brain games per day. For the free version, you get three games per day and for the premium, you get an additional three games including access to web-based games and progress tracking tools. This app for seniors online games has over 60 brain games.

  1. Personal Zen

Seniors online games..1. 1

Last in the list is Personal Zen, an online game exceptional from the rest. This game is focused on calming you by using scientifically tested principles to reduce anxiety and stress. The reduction of these in the long-term influences mental health.

Seniors online games are a great way of relaxing and having fun. Find a game that suits your taste and enjoy it. There is no one particular online game for seniors that can be said to be the best. Games are unique and so are people. Explore, learn and have fun with other available courses and games in our online community 4Retirees.



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