21 Most Memorable Retirement Messages

21 Most Memorable Retirement Messages
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Retirement is not an easy goodbye.

It is like an end of an era. Imagine spending the most part of your life working somewhere which has helped you achieve so much. You had a role there the entire time, made so many friendships and relationships. As relieved as one might feel when retiring, it is also a really hard goodbye. 

The best thing one can do for someone who is leaving so much behind is to give them a gift of words which come directly out of your heart. Retirement messages hold immense importance. These messages remind them that you love them, miss them and wish the very best for them. We can look at some of the best ways you can pay farewell to such irreplaceable people. These retirement messages lock the sentiments of person, in a few simple words.

Make sure that your retirement message is heartfelt. You can make the messages a little uplifting by adding some humor to them as well.

  • “Thank you for making me laugh every morning and making work so much easier. Now you can roam around and make other people laugh around you too. Happy retirement!”
  • “I will miss looking forward to holidays and weekends with you and I am jealous that you will be getting them in heaps now! Happy retirement!”
  • “You can finally go to those morning walks you have been planning to go on – Happy retirement!”
  • “I will finally stop hearing about how you cannot spend enough time with your grand-children – Happy retirement!”
  • “You finally have the freedom to fly around the world whenever you want to – Stay happy and Stay Safe!”

  • “You might be one of the classiest people I have seen so you might want to gift me all your work clothes. Don’t party too hard.”
  • “Lunch will never be the same without your jokes and rants. Happy retirement bud!”
  • “You get to say goodbye to 5 am alarms, meeting calls and deadlines forever! Happy retirement, enjoy your life to the fullest.”
  • “Treat yourself with drinks, good music, delicious food, and the most exotic views. Happy retirement!”
  • “Don’t be sad after this goodbye as you have a chance to grow and enjoy life how it was meant to be enjoyed. Have a safe trip”
  • “Happy retirement, find your true self!”
  • “Wishing you a long, happy and healthy retirement!”
  • “Here is your chance to explore everything you always wanted to. Lots of respect!”
  • “Happy retirement! Now you and your wife do not have to schedule dinner dates on weekends only.”
  • “Best wishes on your retirement! May it be even better than you imagined.”

  • “Here’s when life gives you the biggest reward – peace of mind. Happy retirement!”
  • “Many congrats on your retirement. May you stay happy and healthy always”
  • “Keep in touch no matter how busy you are traveling the world and having an amazing time. Ciao Champ!
  • “The budget of your retirement should not be a concern; a timeline of all your dreams should be one. Happy retirement!
  • “Congratulations on your retirement. Keep working hard and be your own boss”
  • “I wish your retirement goes as lovely as you hoped”

These are just some of the ways you can add some creativity to your retirement messages whilst keeping them short and simple.

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