17 Surprising Facts About Over 60 Dating

17 Surprising Facts About Over 60 Dating

For many, the prospect of over 60 dating may seem a bit daunting. But, in truth, it’s an exciting and increasingly common thing among seniors. With our new digital age, the dating game has changed and now there are more ways than ever to get out there again. And to prove just that, here are 17 surprising facts about over 60 dating:

  1. Looking for a Serious Relationship

Studies have shown that up to 48% of those who participate in over 60 dating online are looking for a serious relationship. Single seniors often better understand what they’re looking for in a partner; so, as a whole, you’re less likely to be messed around than you would if you were younger.

  1. Dating at this stage of life is more about companionship

and 28% of online daters over 60 say they’re looking friendship and companionship first and foremost.

  1. There is still 14% of senior daters who say they’re just looking to date casually

which is great news for those who just want to test out the over 60 dating waters. Keep in mind that it’s okay to date for fun too and there are many seniors who casual date regularly.

  1. There are more dating sites than ever before.

And you may be surprised with the variety that’s now available. There are the sites open to everyone but there are also sites that are only open to people of certain religions, sexuality and even sites specifically for senior or over 60 dating. Soon at 4Retirres, we also will be able to connect you to your new friendship, companionship and travel buddies so keep following us as in March’20 we will be re-launching global Community 4Retirres.

  1. Did you know that 20% of marriages these days are of couples who met through online dating?

So, if marriage is something you’re looking for, don’t dismiss the possibility of finding love online. You can only come away from it having met some interesting people.

  1. Online dating is completely safe.

This is if you know how to protect yourself. Make sure to keep personal and financial details private and don’t let anybody ask you for money to avoid potential scammers. You can find loads of information on what to look out for with a simple google search. Reputable dating sites often offer this information to you on their sites as well.

  1. Online dating grows in popularity over the holiday season.

Online activity on dating sites increases by over 300% during the Christmas period. Which makes it more likely that you’ll meet someone awesome to share in the festivities with.

  1. Sites for over 60 dating, report 1000s of new members every month.

This just goes to show how much the industry is growing and becoming the new norm. And goes to show that when it comes to finding love, your age doesn’t matter.

  1. Statistics reported by Factinate also showed that the number of seniors using online dating as a means to find companionship and love had gone up 100% in the last few years alone.

This evolution in dating over 60 has come from more seniors than ever being technologically inclined and comfortable with the internet as a whole.

  1. Dating later on in life has tons of benefits.

    Over 60 Dating

One of the biggest is the possibility of intellectual conversation which makes sense as you’ll be mingling with individuals who are established in their own lives and are of varied in their backgrounds, educations and life experiences.

  1. Did you know that up to 40% of men and woman over the age of 50 have either lost their spouse or are divorced?

That’s a large group of people and it’s no wonder so many people are looking to find a connection and some companionship again at 60.

  1. Similarly, it can be very hard for single parents.

    Over 60 Dating

Those who have children that already left home and possibly started their own families. These retirees have reported increased feelings of loneliness. And the empty nest phase of life can be a wonderful time to explore romance again.

  1. Over 60 dating can bring you deeper and more soulful companionship than you’ve ever experienced.

This is for one very specific reason. You know yourself a lot better than you possibly did when you first started dating. You know what you like, what you’re looking for and what you want in your life.

  1. Men and woman alike desire to love and companionship equally.

And in over 60 dating both genders find it easier to open up and put themselves out there. This vulnerability makes it easier to tell if you’re compatible or not sooner rather than later. You may find the bonds you form even in friendship to be more authentic.

  1. In the realm of online dating there are both free and paid for sites that you can sign up for.

What’s nice about the ones with membership fees is that individuals using the site are bound to take the process a bit more seriously. This also adds a level of security to first time members in particular.

  1. You may be surprised to learn that both men and women over 60 are open to dating younger and older partners.

At this age, people realize it’s more important to find a partner who’s got things in common with and who can be a companion in the things one finds enjoyable.

  1. For some, finding love, even at 60 may be a first time experience.

This is because, with the rise of the career, some people choose not to settle down and have families. This can change in later life when people seek that companionship. But whether it’s your first time or not, finding love at any age still stirs up those giddy feelings.

As you can see, over 60 dating has a definite place in our culture and should be embraced especially by those who long for that deep and loving connection. If you’re looking for more resources on how to navigate the internet safely, you can check out our website as we have tons of articles and even free courses on the matter. You can also register on our current website as a FREE member as we very soon will re-launch the global community of retirees and offer many exciting ways to meet new love, new friend, new travel buddy and much more! Keep following us!

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