17 Incredible Free Online Courses For Seniors

17 Incredible Free Online Courses For Seniors
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Online courses are generally linked to the younger generation. Likewise, a popular idea is the older generation lacks the essentials skill set to operate or utilize the online space. The idea is not entirely true as senior citizens are thrilled to learn about new changes and there has been an increasing demand for online courses catered towards the elderly. We are very proud that we are one such platform that offers exclusive online courses for the seniors.

As a result, to overcome this dilemma, many online platforms have opened up free online courses for seniors that cater to their needs. Here are some incredible ideas of what you could learn.

Learning how to learn

One of the most highly sought-after free online courses for seniors is how to use digital devices to learn how to learn. Because it focuses on certain tools that would enable you to excel at a variety of subjects and courses, skills you need to know how to navigate. This course teaches you the functions of your devices and how the learning process takes place.

Web development

This course is for those individuals with an edge for computer science. There’s no pre-requisite for this course. Someone with no computer science background can easily apply and increase their learning. The material covered in the course is vast but fear not – it is, after all, a course for beginners and we will guide you through the hard concepts with witty humour and illustrative code examples.

Once you learn a bit about coding, you can build your own blog website. Blogs can keep you well connected with the outside world after retirement. It can be your go-to online platform through which you can communicate new experiences of travels or informative topics.

Developing ideas for companies

This is another one of those popular online courses for seniors. It focuses on developing your entrepreneurial side through different projects in digital marketing. You get to design your business or product model and expand your learning of digital business and their management. Understand what type of thought process you require to enter into the world of entrepreneurship. Develop your marketing digital skills, this course is bound to get your creative side on after retirement.


Technology is the one thing that really requires free online courses for seniors. Because most senior citizens lack in this area and need relevant assistance in the subject. Techboomers, as well as 4Retirees.com, offer various technology related course out of which basic computer skills course has been extremely popular.

Step-by-step for beginning bloggers

If you want to learn about blogging for free we offer this guide. We are also offering a more comprehensive course that is essentially a step-by-step process of how to start your blog. From teaching you what to click and what to write, this course covers all aspects of blogging.


Real estate investing is a great way in which to earn extra income in the long term. If done properly, it can increase your cash flow. In this course, you will discover basic, yet important, information and fundamental concepts regarding real estate property investing. This course can help you learn how to start generating passive, sustainable income for many years to come.

Avoiding scams and tricks

You need to keep up with the changing world and all the innovations that come with it as they can be risky to your personal privacy. In this course, you will learn that it’s actually not that difficult to stay safer online, you just need to follow a few simple steps. We have all learnt to cross the road safely, and being safe online is similar; we are careful, go slowly, and check for danger.

The Science of Happiness

The purpose of this course is to empower you to find and enjoy happiness wherever you are. This course starts off by giving you a new perspective on what happiness is. We teach you what really affects your happiness and show that you can change your natural happiness level. The course also covers the importance of gratitude, self-love activities and relationships. Limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours that may be standing in the way of your happiness are challenged throughout the course.

Introduction to classical music

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Learn all about classical music through this course offered by Yale. It covers 44 hours of instructions and information on classical music.


Do you aspire to release the entrepreneur inside you? Learn how to do that using this course that offers the basics of entrepreneurship. Taylor’s University offers this course and is an easy process to learn how to make money.

Food, nutrition and your health

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Open2Study offers this course to help you learn about nutrition and eating disorders. Even more, topics discussed have a direct link to individuals who’ve retired as it can be applied to their daily lives.

Elementary French

Interested in learning a new language? This course, offered by Carnegie Mellon University, has developed video-based learning for you. Also, you get to learn all the basics of French and quickly learn how to hold conversations in this language.

Introduction to Psychology

Learn about the latest theories and experiments pertaining to psychology through this free course offered by MIT. Whether you’ve studied the subject before or not, it adds to your knowledge of psychological functioning.

Photography is Easy

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Do you have a kick for photography and want to brush up on your skills? Learn how to improve your picture-taking skills through this free photography tutorial offered by Udemy.


You can opt for a basic design development course before heading on to full web development. This course covers everything you need to know about graphic design, including a full definition, all the elements involved, as well as the skill-sets and traits required for the job.


This course offered by Harvard focuses on the fundamentals of political philosophy. You will not come across many free online courses for seniors that are similar to this. It gives you a deep understanding of the justice system

The Architectural Imagination

Learns how to produce and evaluate your architectural drawings and models. Those of you passionate about architecture, this course is a great way to brush up your skills. It’s offered by Harvard and ensures that you have enough learning to continue architecture as a profession.

You can brush up on your skills and learn how to be an expert at any particular subject or skill. Also, there are various opportunities available online through which you can put your recently learnt skill to use. Furthermore, free online courses for seniors are available on many platforms through which you can learn and broaden your career goals or even help other seniors.

4Retirees offers an online platform through which individuals, who’ve taken free online courses for seniors, can apply their knowledge. Even more,  it focuses on you sharing what you love to do, using your personal space, to earn money. There’s no restriction on what you can share as services, talents and goods are all welcomed. Lastly, you can easily take up one of the free online courses for seniors mentioned above and become an active part of the 4Retirees community.

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