15 Most Stressful Casual Jobs Not Suitable For Retirees

15 Most Stressful Casual Jobs Not Suitable For Retirees
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In this era of extreme competition, corporations have become ruthless. They want their employees to work even above their full potential. This can cause stress even in young employees of the company let alone senior citizens. In such a tough world, senior citizens have to work to earn money otherwise they would be left at the mercy of their relatives and friends. In addition to that, a person who has worked for 40 years of his/her life will always want to keep working as working has been a great and important part of their life. There are many opportunities for casual jobs for senior citizens; however, there are some casual jobs that are just too stressful for retirees and senior citizens. Let’s take a look at 15 of those jobs.


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As people get old, their immune system becomes weak. They become vulnerable to things like smoke and small bacteria. Being a firefighter means that you might have to fight the fire and smoke almost every day. This is why it is not an ideal kind of casual jobs for retirees.

Taxi Driver

Driving a taxi is one of the toughest jobs out there. You never know what type of customer you would get. These kinds of casual jobs that demand a lot of effort but doesn’t pay that much. Driving a taxi can be very stressful for old people especially in busy cities.

Cabin Crew

It is the job of the cabin crew to take care of the elderly and disabled passengers. They have to guide everyone to their seats and offer food during the flight. The cabin crew staff has to work throughout the time of the flight. So when the flight is long, the work can get very stressful. These may be casual jobs for a younger person but for older people, it can be very stressful.

Public Relations Executive

The Public Relations Executive is given the responsibility of improving the image of the brand or a person. It should be a person that people can relate to. A young, enthusiastic and joyous person can be ideal for public relations executive. This kind of casual jobs that retirees should try to stay away from. No matter how good you were in your hay days, it just wouldn’t work with the younger audience when you are old.

Ambulance Driver

Ambulance drivers have to be very sharp. They have to be fast and extra careful as they are allowed to move through red signals. They have to see if their driving wouldn’t cause an accident. This is why it can be very problematic and stressful for senior citizens to be an ambulance driver.


With advancements in technology, the logging industry has been revolutionized. However, there is still a lot of manual work that has to be done. From climbing tall trees to cutting huge ones, these kinds of casual jobs require a lot of effort and hard work. When you are a retiree, you look for jobs that aren’t stressful which is why this job isn’t suitable for retirees.

Construction Worker

Construction work requires a lot of effort. You might need to lift weights and work for long hours for a little pay. There are many different aspects of construction work. Even though most of the construction work has been automated through machines there are still many aspects that have to be done manually. These things can be very tiring and stressful for older people.

Traffic Police

With the advent of traffic signals, you don’t find traffic police on every square like in the old days. However, there are still areas in almost all countries in the world where you can find traffic police, especially in European countries. A traffic police officer has to stand in extreme weather and guide traffic for long working hours. As the nature of the job is so tough it is not ideal for retirees.

Airplane Pilot

Pilots are considered very elegant when they are in their uniform. It seems like an amazing job, where people can travel all over the world and get paid for it. In reality, the job of a pilot is very stressful. Not only do they have to keep in continuous contact with the control tower on the ground they also have to be careful about the threats in the air. They also have to keep an eye of the health of the plane and their own self. All this makes being a pilot a very stressful job.

Security Officer

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When people retire from security companies, they normally get jobs as private security officers. It can be a good casual job for people who have experience as a security officer but when you are old; being a security guard can get very tough. It is tougher when you are a private security guard. You might have to work round the clock to protect the property or a person. It needs the person to put in the effort and stay sharp which can be a problem for retirees.

Truck Loader

You may be enthusiastic and passionate about work even in the later years of your life however stressful jobs that require extra effort aren’t a good option in such stage of life. This is why the job of a truck loader isn’t suitable for retirees.

Military Personnel

Studies have shown that being in the military is one of the most stressful jobs. The exhaustive training and strict rules can be very stressful for older people.


No matter how tough your job is, thinking about miners will make you feel good about your job. They risk their lives, to put bread on the table. Mining requires a lot of effort.  Senior citizens might not feel comfortable kilometres down the surface. Extensive work, low oxygen levels and stress might make them suffer from breathing issues and other health-related problems.


One of the most looked down upon job is that of a janitor. However, they are the unsung heroes of all buildings. Your school or office does not magically become clean and hygienic every day. The janitor works throughout the day to make it clean. Even when you leave the place the janitor is there to clean all the mess caused by everyone while leaving the place. Cleaning long hallways and making the cafeteria trash free can be a big task in itself. It is a very tough, stressful and round the clock job which is not ideal for older people.

These are some of the stressful casual jobs that are not suitable for retirees however there are many opportunities available in the market for older people. Retirees can join our online global community at 4Retirees.com. You can meet other likeminded retirees on our platform and may even be able to find flexible and casual jobs, just take our Jobs Match.

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