15 Most Real Jobs For Retirees in 2020

15 Most Real Jobs For Retirees in 2020
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When you’re looking for jobs for retirees online, you more than likely see a lot of the same thing phrased differently. We get that you’re looking for something different and we understand that you want to do things your own way.  That’s what we are all about, and we can prove it to you by showing you just what you can get, what awesome opportunities you have in your local communities when you turn into the relationship with 4Retirees.

Real jobs for the modern Retiree!

All the best 15 options below are going to give you real sources of income that don’t involve you uprooting your life or committing to a lot of time for little pay. These are all designed to be modern, retiree-friendly jobs that will help you make the most out of your time both enjoyment-wise and financially as well.  Here are 15 popular options to consider.

  1. Dog walking or pet sitting

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If you love animals, consider making money by offering your services dog walking or pet sitting. A lot of people love the idea of knowing their pets are properly taken care-of when they are gone all day, so this is a great way to earn some money and enjoy some animal time as well.

  1. Babysitting

Similar to above, consider babysitting. Many parents are much more comfortable leaving their baby, toddler or child in the care of an experienced and responsible adult, so it’s an easy way to make money and enjoy time with little ones.

  1. Errand running

If you like to be up and moving and on the go, consider setting up a service as an errand runner. This can be fun and helpful for all sorts of households.  Those that just don’t have enough time in the day to get to the grocery store.

  1. Tool sharing

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If you have a lot of tools, consider sharing them around the neighborhood or further. You can charge an hourly rate or just a flat fee and earn some money for tools that would otherwise be just sitting there. Take 4Retirees JOBS MATCH to see what providers platforms you can use in your local city.

  1. Rent your belongings

Similar to above, rent out belongings, equipment and supplies that you aren’t using. It’s a simple way to make your home and belongings earn some money from you. When you need something, just take it off the rental list. e.g. rent out your branded Dior bag or Calvin Klein evening dress and earn.

  1. Car loaning

Since cars are expensive, consider loaning your car out to the those in need. This can be great around your local neighborhood especially and will offer up a lot of freedom for everyone involved.

  1. Room rental

If you have an extra room or sleeping space to rent out, this is a great and simple way to make some money on a nightly basis. You can price it low and get plenty of attention, and it’s still cash in your pocket.

  1. Parking spot or driveway rental

Even easier is the idea of renting your driveway or parking spot. People are always looking for places to park or store RVs etc., so don’t be afraid to offer it up and earn some cash on otherwise wasted space.

  1. Online and offline classes mentoring or tutoring in your skillset

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If you have particular professional or personal skills, mentor and tutor those around you to help them better their life. This is easy to do and is great for social contact as well.

  1. Putting your skills online

Similarly, try selling your skills or expertise online and make some cash by offering up the same professional and personal skills to anyone near and far who needs them. 4Retirees flexible jobs will connect you to many providers where you can list your skills out there.

  1. Sell and lend money or assets for interest in return

If you’re comfortable in the world of economics, try lending or selling assets and then taking them back with a healthy dose of interest for your troubles. This can be done safely with the right channels to help you and it has become one of the most popular jobs for retirees to complement our pension, make your money make you money.

  1. Sell unused items online

If you have stuff you never use and it’s just wasting away in a box, try selling it online through all sorts of online vendors. You never know what someone is looking for and it may as well go to good use! Check your attic, your cupboards, your garage even under your bed, what are you keeping there that you are not using?

  1. Be a product tester and reviewer

Companies are always looking for product testers as well as reviewers (privately). Consider putting your shopping success to the test by running their new products through your own testing and letting them know what works and what doesn’t. It pays well, plus free stuff is always great.

  1. Be a virtual assistant

If you love working on tasks such as data entry or filing, being an online virtual assistant is a great way to earn some cash on your own time. This is specifically helpful if you can chunk up a few hours here or there every day.  These are often jobs that are paid by the hour and will be helpful to giving you a source of income that is entirely focused on the amount of time you put in.

  1. Paid surveys

Often thought of as low paying jobs for retirees, the tides have changed for the better. Surveys are often much more comfortable, and you are well compensated for your time. You can even take surveys that are specific to your age bracket, which can be helpful in focus and timing.

Need help or more inspiration for 2020? Allow us to give it to you! 

If you’re not sure which of these you like, or you want to make sure that you are headed down the right path, take our carefully formulated Flexible Jobs Match and see just how we can help you move toward a financially stable future without compromising your newfound sense of freedom. We pride ourselves in connecting you to modern and flexible jobs for retirees that will give everyone what they need. We hope that you’ll join the quickly growing community and enjoy it all for yourself.

Gone are the days where you had to do odd jobs here or there.  The modern world of jobs for retirees is ripe with options and exciting, real opportunities either online or offline.  It’s simply up to you to decide whether you want to put these to the test and enjoy a trustworthy, fun source of income.

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