15 Casual Jobs You Shouldn’t do in Retirement

15 Casual Jobs You Shouldn’t do in Retirement
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Whether it’s to supplement your income or simply for something productive to do with your free time, taking up a job during your retirement can be life changing. However, not all jobs are created equally and there are some casual jobs that retirees should definitively avoid in order to keep their peace of mind and fully enjoy their retirements:

  1. Daycare Assistant

While spending time with energetic little tykes can be rewarding, working as a daycare assistant can be rather taxing. Daycares are more often than not a chaotic environment. Firstly, there are the mental stresses of having to cater to the needs and moods of several little ones at once. Then, there is the physical strain of having to run around after them unexpectedly, picking them up and carrying them around etc. All this makes being a daycare assistant an unwise choice for any retiree looking for more casual jobs to supplement their income or fill their time.

  1. Primary School Teacher

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Much like the being a daycare assistant, being a primary school teacher can be both strenuous and stressful. Being on your feet all day, competing for the attention of restless children and taking home stacks of homework and tests to grade is just plain hard work. As far as casual jobs to consider during retirement this one shouldn’t be high on the list.

  1. 9 – 5 Office Jobs

When it comes to casual jobs you shouldn’t be doing in retirement, any job that keeps you in an office from 9 to 5 should be out of the question. Retirement is meant to relieve the pressures of a normal job and allow one to slow things down and enjoy life a little more. A 9 to 5 office job will effectively bring you out of that retirement and rob you of all this phase of life has to offer. The hours spent stuck indoors, the probable paperwork and all the pressures of a regular day to day job make this a mundane and downright bad option for retirees.

  1. Senior Corporate Executive

This job is a 9 to 5 job on steroids. As a Senior Executive you’d face the stresses of keeping the corporate operations running smoothly and having to make high stakes decisions. Not to mention you’d be working every day, usually overtime. Making this the kind of job people retire to get away from.

  1. Airline Pilot

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Being an Airline Pilot is undoubtedly one of the most stressful jobs there is. Being a pilot requires long hours of intense focus and the responsibility of having dozens of lives in your hands. Pair all that with unpredictable flying conditions and you’ve got a job that is sure to unsettle even those in the most peaceful of retirements.

  1. Long Haul Trucker

Travelling long distances alone in a truck filled with heavy cargo can be both lonely and tedious. Often truckers sleep in the cabs of their trucks and drive in dangerous weather conditions making this one of the least recommend casual jobs for retirees.

  1. Law Enforcement

In general, most jobs in law enforcement jobs are enough to get the adrenaline pumping. Not something your average retiree looks for when it comes to casual jobs. Prison guards and cops alike have to be constantly vigilant and deal with potentially dangerous situations. It can also be emotionally straining to deal with criminals and/or their victims on a daily basis.

  1. Roofer

Roofing not only requires you to do heavy labour while precariously perched on a roof but it also requires perfect weather conditions. Which usually means working in the hot sun. Making it dangerous, unreliable and unpleasant as a job. For retirees who work as way to fill their time this could also mean being without a job on days with heavy wind, rain or snow. It can also become very stressful when trying to meet construction deadlines.

  1. Waiter/ Waitress

This is one profession that often pops up when searching through casual jobs to take up part time. And as casual as being a waiter or waitress may seem, it can be very stressful and a lot of hard work. Especially considering the long hours of standing, running up and down with orders and carrying heavy plates and trays. Which can all be hard on the body.

  1. Landscaper

Gardening as a hobby is on the rise and many retirees the world over find immense fulfillment in it every day. It is therefore no wonder that when looking for casual jobs one might consider landscaping. However, this may not be as good of an idea as it sounds. Landscaping includes spending hours in the hot sun doing heavy manual labour, such as sheering, raking and shoveling, not even mentioning about lifting of some heavy tools and materials.

  1. Construction Carpenter

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Carpentry as pastime is a wonderful creative outlet for retirees. Taking a job as a carpenter on a construction team is a totally different story. The projects are larger, machinery heavier and the work environment more stressful and dangerous as whole. The noise levels are pretty unpleasant as well.

  1. Newspaper Reporter

Newspaper Reporting is a highly competitive field. Reporters have to fight for their work to be featured, especially for their coveted first page position. On top of that the pressure to get the latest scoop before anyone else is huge. Retirees are better off finding something in a less fickle industry.

  1. Tree Feller

Other than the appeal of spending all day outdoors, this job offers few benefits for retirees considering this as a profession. Tree felling is a highly active and labour intensive job. It requires a lot of precision to be done safely and can become very stressful if things start to go other than as planned.

  1. Search and rescue

Search and rescue teams have a very important job. They do highly coordinated search and rescue missions in order to find and help missing or stranded individuals. But while this may be one of the casual jobs that is easier to get into; retirees should steer clear. Searches are often carried out over the course of several days and usually take place in rather hostile environments. Making this job both hard and dangerous work that can become all the more stressful if you actually find the person in question as they may be in fragile condition.

  1. Sanitation Workers

This is definitely one of the hardest and most unpleasant jobs on this list. This line of work involves working in some pretty nasty conditions. Not only are they often disrespected by ungrateful citizens, but they have to deal with garbage, horrid smells and many other less than enjoyable things. So, as a whole, not the best way to spend your much-anticipated retirement.

While these casual jobs aren’t ones you should to do in retirement, there are many that you can do. You can head over to our website and take our “Jobs Match”, for free, to find more viable options in your area.


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