14 Perfect Retirement Gifts for Teachers

14 Perfect Retirement Gifts for Teachers

The relationship that develops between a good teacher and their pupils is very special.  When the time comes for a beloved teacher to retire, it is only natural for grateful pupils and parents to want to show their appreciation by buying a retirement gift.

Retirement Gifts for Teachers

Here are some ideas for good retirement gifts for teachers that they will really like.



Teachers work hard, so when the time comes for them to retire, they deserve to kick back and relax.  Encourage them to do so by giving them a pair of warm slippers.  Look for a pair with a good grip and a soft inside.  You can customize slippers with the teacher’s name or a witty saying related to their profession for a personal touch.



Most teachers don’t have time or energy to read a book by the time they have finished marking homework and preparing for lessons.  Retirement will give them the opportunity to catch up on all the reading they have missed out on, and a bookmark is an essential piece of kit to mark their place.

TV and Movie Memorabilia


Teachers may have a favorite TV show or film that they like to incorporate into their lessons and classroom décor.  If you know there is a particular character or show they like, you may be able to find some memorabilia to give the teacher as a retirement gift.  It could be something as simple as a figurine or a poster, or you may be able to find something special from a set.  It may be you can’t find something in your price range.  In that case, you could try something slightly different such as a customized jigsaw featuring a still or a digitally enhanced image placing your teacher in their favorite scene.

Insulated Bottle


Whatever a teacher may have planned for their retirement, an insulated bottle is sure to come in handy.  Whether they are looking forward to traveling or hitting the gym, keeping hydrated is needed.  An insulated bottle can keep drinks hot or cold for hours.  Look for bottles that fit into cupholders and can be easily cleaned.  Personalizing the bottle helps to identify it and ensure it doesn’t get lost.

Tote Bag

tote bag

Retirees usually have plenty of things they are planning to enjoy during their retirement.  A great gift to get a retiring teacher is a tote bag.  Roomy enough to fit plenty in it but soft enough to be folded up, a tote bag always comes in handy.  Add personalization to make their tote bag stand out in a crowd.



Teachers work long hours, and cooking for pleasure is something they don’t often get time to indulge in.  Finally having the free time during retirement to bake, BBQ and cook is something many retirees can’t wait to do.  Giving a teacher an apron as a retirement gift is an excellent idea as it is practical, and it will remind them of you every time they tie it around their waist.

Wash Bag

wash bag

A wash bag is a useful retirement gift for a teacher.  It can be used as a conventional wash bag to carry toiletries to the gym or on a journey.  However, a wash bag’s waterproof lining and convenient pockets make it handy for holding many other things, such as art supplies, spices, tools, jewelry, cables, a first aid kit, and much more.



The number one thing retirees say they are looking forward to doing during their retirement is traveling, so a suitcase makes an ideal gift.  Consider buying a  suitcase that is small enough to be used as hand luggage, something most teachers probably wouldn’t treat themselves to.  Add a personal touch by customizing the suitcase to make it easy to spot on luggage carousels.

Beach Towel

Beach Towel

At some point during a long work day, a teacher has probably daydreamed about lazing on a beach towel under a sunny sky.  A beach towel makes a fun retirement gift for a teacher, reminding them that they have earned some time relaxing.



A key ring is always useful, and a teacher would be grateful to receive one as a retirement present.  There are many keyrings with fobs or chains specifically designed for teachers that give you a chance to express gratitude for everything they have worked hard to teach you.



You could get a notebook as a retirement present for a teacher that would be useful for them to jot down lists and ideas.  However, surveys have shown that all teachers really appreciate heartfelt messages from their pupils.  Asking pupils past and present to pen a message in a notebook that a teacher can treasure as a keepsake is a lovely idea.  Whether it is writing a brief thank you, recalling the memory of a great lesson, sharing a favorite joke, and explaining how the teacher has inspired you, anything a pupil chooses to write will be valued.



A popular choice for a retirement present for a teacher is to club together to get them one big gift rather than lots of small presents.  This allows a teacher’s pupils to buy their teacher something special that might be more expensive than one family could afford.  A Kindle makes a great gift making it easy for a teacher to catch up on reading all the books they haven’t had time to peruse while working.

Games console

games console

Another popular larger-scale gift that pupils could contribute to buying as a teacher’s retirement gift is a games console.  Teachers often spend a lot of their own resources to supply the equipment for class projects, so they rarely have the money or energy to buy a games console.

Cinema Membership


Another leisure activity many teachers have missed out on during their working years is watching films in a cinema.  Most major cinema trains offer yearly memberships passes that can be given as presents.  These membership passes give unlimited cinema visits and discounts on popcorn, drinks, snacks, and other benefits.  If you know your teacher loves films, a cinema membership will make a great retirement gift.


Whatever you choose to buy a teacher as a retirement gift, you can be sure that they will treasure the memories you have made together in the classroom and appreciate that you have taken the time to express your gratitude.



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