13 Part-Time Jobs Near Me That Pay $20ph And More

13 Part-Time Jobs Near Me That Pay $20ph And More

Have you retired? Or are you about to get retired after working endlessly and minting money for your family? Well, this must be your time to relax and enjoy all your savings. Being a retiree has its pros and cons. If you are an easy-going person and adaptable towards every type of situation then you must be pretty cool about becoming a retiree. You must be enjoying your retired life by doing things that you always wanted to, or maybe catching up with old friends. But on the other hand, if you are a workaholic then things might not work out that smoothly for you. There are chances that you might get an agitated feeling that you do not have a job anymore. Yes right now with COVID-19 you might not be able to do all small jobs that you like, but this should not stop us for preparing when is all over.

What to Do Now?

Spending your entire life as a retiree might provide leisure for a temporary time. But when it comes to thinking about the entire life, it is pretty gloomy to sit at home and do nothing. This might even affect the mental health of many retired citizens. But the real question to ponder on is that are there still any jobs left for the retirees? Therefore, if you are searching for some best part-time jobs near me, then make sure you go through the below-mentioned tips to gain some ideas. So plan now as COVID-19 isolation will be over one day and you will be ready for some action.

Best Part-Time Jobs Near Me:

  • Due to COVID You Get big Profits when delivering food with Uber

Did you know you can become a money minter as an Uber delivery driver especially now when uber charges restaurants 30-40% of total delivery? Well, this might sound a bit unrealistic but we know it does work. You just need to pick as many delivery rides in a day as you can and doesn’t have to be all at the same time, dinners are best! The best part about becoming an Uber driver is that you are your own boss and you are in essential service so you can be out of your home for a little bit and still be safe in your own car. If you are still searching for part-time jobs near me, then make sure to consider this option and follow to become an Uber delivery driver. If Uber is not your choice of company then take out Jobs Match program and we will match you with many other companies that you can earn with your car.

  • Data Entry for any Agency or Small Business

If you are searching for part-time jobs near me then you can simply apply for data entry in a startup. Several small businesses cannot afford to hire full-time employees but they are in search of interns as part-timers. That is why to get the best part-time jobs you can go for data entry for any agency or small business or become an admin or PA, here is a certificate that can help to achieve this.

  • Part-Timer at a Tax Preparation Company

Several tax preparation companies especially provide employment to retired citizens. This is major because they have to cater to their customers about tax returns. Companies like H&R Block hire retired citizens after an in-depth screening process. Candidates who are good with numbers are highly preferred. A tax preparer can approximately earn up to $30 per hour. The end of the financial year is a best time to get a few hours extra work in those companies! If you want to learn more about accounting and give a try, here is the course for you.

  • Provide Tuitions at Home via Video Call

If you were an educationalist before and now you are retired then you need to stop searching about part-time jobs near me. This is because you can simply provide tuitions at home via skype or zoom . In this way, you will stay in practice and can earn more than $20 per hour. If you were a professor of a well-known college then it must be pretty convenient for you to set up your own tutorial class at home to support those that have difficulties with some subjects. This is because most of the students know you already and they will never hesitate to come to you for assistance. The times has changed, epidemic has changed the way we learn and participate, get your laptop out and start zoom classes, give a call to school and students, just get on it, they need you more than ever before.

This is one of the most convenient jobs you can do but keep in on your list after epidemic is over. If you are a retired nurse or from a medical background then it must be a piece of cake for you. You can become a nutritionist in a school and facilitate students about how they can keep up with their diet. You can be an active facilitator for yourself as well. This is because it will also encourage you to follow a healthy diet plan and stay fit.  

There are several call centers and even businesses that require interns to cater to their customer service department. This must not be a difficult job for you. Most organizations even make sure to provide special training to their workers so that they cater to the customers as per the requirements. This can ease out half of your stress if you are not a pro. But the best part is that you can mint as much money as you can and working from your home via telephone and laptop.

  • A Babysitter

Most of the senior citizens have some great time enjoying with babies. That is why if you are a retiree and have enough patience to deal with children then you should definitely go with the idea. You can even look for a job in a daycare center and can earn more than $20 per hour. For now I suggest you perhaps start listing your babysitting services online so when isolation is over you are ready or take some course that will help you get this job easier.

  • A Retail Worker

This is one of the most amazing jobs that you can enjoy as a part-timer. You need to deal with the shoppers at the cash counter or maybe just do some floor-walking to make sure that the goods organized. Look at the big food stores, they are all hiring now casual, part time workers.

  • Counselor in a School

Almost all schools value the importance of counseling sessions for students. For this, they hire part-timers that are mostly retired. You can be a part of any school as a counselor and can earn up to $30 per hour.

Start Catering Service From Home

Do you think you are a great chef at home? Well, then why don’t you start making some money as a chef? You can start your catering services from home and can mint endless money from your orders. If you are planning to start your catering service then stop searching about part-time jobs near me and start planning what is that you will be cooking? For restaurants or for bakery and cafes, maybe something like that- sweet & delicious?  

  • Freelance Proof-Reader

You must have heard about earning endlessly as a freelancer. There are many retirees than even pursue to be content created through freelancing. So why don’t you do anything similar to this and stop searching for part-time jobs near me? If you are not good at writing then you can always take orders for proofreading. This will help you earn a lot more than $30.

  • A Librarian

Several libraries prefer hiring part-timers, especially old citizens. If you are into reading then do not miss an opportunity to become a librarian of a school or at any library. This is can be the best solution if you are in search of part-time jobs near me.

If you are out of practice, do not worry. Make some investment for getting enrolled in the training classes for becoming a yoga instructor or follow some online YouTube video tutorials while in isolation. Once you have completed your course, you are good to become a yoga instructor for all the oldies mates, great to have your own target market and yet new friends. Here is a bit of a help, complete wellness certification that set you ready to go!

Are You a Smart Retiree?

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