13 Most Difficult Casual Jobs Not Suitable For Over 60s

13 Most Difficult Casual Jobs Not Suitable For Over 60s
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Let’s face it, it’s impossible to live a life that completely stresses free. But there are certain stresses that are unnecessary in life and by the time one turns 60 it’s easier to prioritize what’s truly important. That is why we retire, to get away from the rat race and take time to more fully appreciate our lives and our loved ones. We enter retirement to cultivate a newer, higher quality of life. This doesn’t mean that we have to stop working altogether, just that: we’re smarter about when and how we work and what type of work we do. So when looking for work to take up after 60, be sure to avoid the following on this list of highly stressful casual jobs:

  1. Firefighter

Firefighters have a very difficult job to do. The dangers of working so closely with something as deadly as fire and the pressures of having lives depend on you make this job one of the most stressful there is. This job also requires exemplary physical fitness as firefighters carry heavy gear and are often exposed to hazardous conditions such as extreme heat, potentially toxic smoke and even collapsing buildings. Both unsafe and stress-filled, this is a prime example of casual jobs you should avoid after 60.

  1. Public Relations Executive

PR Executives are hired to essentially keep up appearances of their respective companies/employers. This takes careful navigation and forethought. But this job can become extremely stressful when the company in question has their reputation tarnished publicly and you’re left to rebuild that image and regain favour with the public. This can be a night challenging task.

  1. Taxi Driver

Being a taxi driver may sound like a great option when considering casual jobs. And while driving people around can be a good way to make money, taxi driving isn’t as simple as that. Cabs are leased from companies which means one has to worry about covering the costs of using one in the first place. Then you have to deal with people who skip out without paying or leave pitiful tips. None of which sounds remotely leisurely.

  1. Cabin Crew

For those afraid of heights and flying, this may already be one line of work on this list of stressful casual jobs you’d already never consider. But even for those who don’t share these fears, being part of a flight’s cabin crew can be highly stressful. Responsibilities include greeting passengers and attending their needs. It also entails being responsible for keeping all people aboard safe and secure both before and during the flight.

  1. Ambulance Driver

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Most things are hard to do under high amounts of pressure. Driving is no exception. Trying to make your way to the nearest hospital, as fast as the limit will allow, through busy traffic and all the while driving a bulky van with an emergency unfolding in the back? Sounds like an extremely tense situation. The trauma of what you witness doing these kinds of casual jobs is bound to follow you home.

  1. Construction Worker

Working in hazardous environments with heavy machinery and under strict deadlines is a recipe for stress. Construction work also causes a lot of stress on the body which makes this anything but a peaceful vocation.

  1. Emergency Dispatcher

911 calls are often hard to listen to, even as recordings heard after the fact. But for emergency dispatchers, the trauma of hearing such calls is in real-time. Having to calmly respond to frantic callers and being in charge of setting the correct procedures in motion to provide help can be overwhelming. The stress of which builds up daily. So do the emotional implications. This job isn’t for the faint of heart or even those looking for casual jobs to fill their time or pockets.

  1. Social Worker

As heroic as being a firefighter with far less acclaim, being a social worker is a wonderful calling for those who chose to do it. However, as far as casual jobs for over 60s go? This one isn’t a great option. It’s stressful to deal with difficult family situations, follow strict procedures and as a result not being able to help as much as you’d like. This is especially true when working with suspected abused or neglected children. All in all, being a social worker is best left to those who feel it’s their purpose.

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  1. Paramedic

Being the driver of an ambulance sounds chaotic. But being one of the people working in the back can only be worse. Paramedics are responsible for the on-scene response to emergency situations and for keeping patients stable on route to a hospital. They deal with situations that are often dire and are witnesses to some pretty intense injuries and close calls.

  1. Air Traffic Controller

Requiring both vigilance and focus, being an air traffic controller is one of those casual jobs that keep people on their toes. The job itself may sound simple but one wrong move and you could be at the hands of a catastrophic accident. The prospect of one wrong move on your part having the possibility to cause fatalities is enough to eat away at anyone. For this reason, it should be left out of your peaceful retirement plans.

  1. Lawyer

Lawyers deal with difficult clients and lengthy negotiations. In between, they do hours of overtime researching, putting together cases and staying up to date with new laws. Certain cases may end up going to trial and these can go on for months. Making being a lawyer one of the casual jobs on this list with the most investment of one’s personal time and can also be emotionally draining.

  1. Catering Manager

Catering managers have the stress of having to coordinate often large teams. Chefs and catering assistants at hotels, lodges and restaurants. They are usually under a tight budget and time constraints and have to provide the highest quality service and food possible under those restrictions. Plus there’s always the stress of having to cater to the tastes of guests with a variety of tastes and dietary requirements and diners can be very finicky about their food. Being in charge of all that sounds tedious and not worth the stress.

  1. Political Aide

Political debates among friends can get pretty heated but that’s nothing compared to the pressures of being a political aide. The people who do this job are often faced with heavy criticism and their every move is watched closely by the public. Much like walking a tight rope, one toe out of line could spell disaster for the political party one is representing. Basically, this job can be daunting and painstaking at the best of times.

But fear not, there are plenty of low-stress casual jobs that are perfect for over 60s and retirees in general. We have lots of great articles and information about all of them on our blog.

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