13 Great Retirement Gifts for Police Officers

13 Great Retirement Gifts for Police Officers

It takes a special kind of person to be a police officer.  Policing requires good judgment, quick thinking, good communication, and a genuine desire to help people.  Police officers are a vital part of any community, and they dedicate themselves to protecting the public, preventing crime, and providing support to victims.  Police work is a varied, rewarding, and challenging job.

When the time comes for a police officer to retire, it can be difficult for them to adjust.  As well as the constant demands of their job they have become used to being part of the law enforcement family.  Their co-workers are more than people they work with; they are friends they trust with their lives.

Research has shown that one way to help police officers happily transition from a working life to retirement was having a fitting celebration.  Whether it was something as simple as a cake shared with co-workers or a large-scale retirement party, having some form of celebration helped the police officers to move contentedly into retirement.  Serving as a police officer requires a high level of dedication and hard work, and receiving cards and gifts from friends and work colleagues helped the retirees to feel appreciated.  Marking the occasion also helped to provide a definite conclusion to their time as a police officer, which provided closure.

If you know a police officer who is retiring, here are some ideas for a great retirement gift.

Ideas for Retirement Gifts for Police Officers

It is more than likely that the retiree has made some plans for their retirement.  If you know what they are looking forward to doing, then it makes it easier to pick the perfect retirement gift.  Retirement gifts fall into three categories: gifts to help the retiree relax, gifts to help the retiree with a new interest or activity, and gifts to help the retiree remember the good times on the job.

Retirement Gifts for Police Officers to Help Them Relax

Police officers work long hours, and they are required to be mentally and physically agile.  They have definitely earned some time relaxing and putting their feet up during retirement.  Here are some ideas for retirement presents that will help them do just that!


police retirement gift bookmark

Getting time to sit down with a good book and lose themselves in the pages is a luxury few police officers can indulge in.  Encourage them to enjoy their reading book with a bookmark.  Whether you choose a traditional leather or paper strip or a modern metal bookmark, there are lots of attractive options available for all tastes.

Beverage Can Cooler Sleeves

police retirement gift drink sleeve

No matter what kind of beverage you enjoy drinking from a can, it always tastes better cold.  A great gift is an insulated cooler sleeve.  These clever insulators keep your drink cold for longer while also keeping your hands dry.  They come in various sizes and designs; for convenience, choose one that can be machine washed.


police retirement gift candle

Lighting a candle instantly helps to create a relaxed atmosphere in any room.  If you know the retiree’s favorite scent, then you can choose a candle featuring it.  If not, a lavender candle has been scientifically shown to help people to relax.


police retirement gift decanter

An ideal gift is one the recipient would like but would never buy for themselves.  A decanter is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys drinking spirits such as whisky, brandy, or bourbon.  Not only is it practical, but it is also decorative.


police retirement gift socks

A fun way to literally remind a retiring police officer to put their feet up and relax is to get them a pair of socks with a funny saying on the bottom.  There are plenty to choose from, including many specifically designed for police officers.

Retirement Gifts for Police Officers to Help Them Start a New Hobby or Interest

Being a police officer is more than a nine-to-five job.  Police officers are dedicated to their profession, and it leaves very little time for anything else.  Retirement offers them time to indulge in hobbies and interests they previously couldn’t fit into their busy lives.  Buying police officers a retirement present they can use for a hobby is a thoughtful gesture.


police retirement gift suitcase

The number one thing all retirees look forward to is traveling more.  Therefore, a great gift is a suitcase.  Even better, get a suitcase that has been customized.  Not only will it make it easier for the recipient to spot their luggage, but it will also let them know how proud you are of their years of service.

Luggage Tags

police retirement gift luggage tags

If you are looking for something a bit smaller than a suitcase to give to a police officer as a retirement present, then luggage tags are a brilliant idea.  They help identify suitcases, and if they get misplaced, it makes them easier to be reunited with their owners.  Add a personal touch by customizing the luggage tags, and you have a great gift any retiree would love.


police retirement gift backpack

A backpack makes a great retirement as it can be used in many different ways.  Whether they are planning on hiking, cycling, or going to the gym, a backpack is the easiest way to carry all the gear they will need.  Backpacks are useful for storing equipment if they are thinking of taking up painting, sewing, carpentry, or gardening.  They also come in handy if they take the grandchildren on a fun excursion.


police retirement gift cap

Being a police officer demands a level of physical fitness that most retirees would like to maintain in their retirement.  A cap is useful for any activity they want to do, from sailing to golf.

Cooking Equipment

police retirement gift cooking BBQMany retirees look forward to having the time to enjoy cooking.  A busy working life doesn’t always leave time to take pleasure in preparing food, but that changes with retirement.  Whether baking cakes or firing up a BBQ, you could get plenty of retirement gifts to help their culinary endeavors.  Popular ideas include aprons, windowsill herb gardens, recipe books, cooking courses, and BBQ kits.

Retirement Gifts for Police Officers to Keep Memories Alive

Retired police officers will have built up many treasured moments over the years of their police service.  A retirement gift that celebrates these good memories makes a fantastic gift.

Digital photo frames

police retirement gift digital photo frameA digital photo frame makes a great retirement present for a police officer.  Hundreds of high-definition photos can be loaded onto a USB or SD Card and plugged directly into the frames.  You could preload photos from friends, family, and fellow officers with good memories from their years of service.


police retirement gift scrapbook

If you would like to give a police officer a unique retirement gift, you could make a scrapbook.  Ask friends and colleagues from the police force to contribute photos, mementos, and messages.  Adding records of achievements and awards will also celebrate their successes.


police retirement gift bracelet

A tasteful bracelet with a sincere message of appreciation for a police officer’s years of service makes a thoughtful retirement gift.  Depending on the retiree’s tastes, you can get a simple rope bracelet, an engraved metal bracelet, or even one made from silver.


No matter what you get a police officer as a retirement gift, you can be sure that they will appreciate that you have taken the time to express your gratitude.



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