13 Fun Part Time Jobs That Could Help You Meet Your Life Partner

13 Fun Part Time Jobs That Could Help You Meet Your Life Partner
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One of the biggest mistakes, retirees make while trying to find a life partner is that they avoid using technology. Dating apps can be great when you are thinking about finding love. These days you can find people from all age groups on dating apps however there are still some senior citizens who tend to avoid using social media or dating apps to find love. For such people, trying to find love at their part time jobs is a more attractive option. There are many jobs out there that can help you meet new people. Let’s take a look at 13 of those jobs.

Tax Preparer

A tax preparer is a very dry part time job but if you have expertise in the field, you can earn a lot of money even after your retirement. It can also help you meet new people. A discussion started with talking about tax and lead to many other discussion and you never know the next customer might be your future spouse.

Virtual Assistant

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Virtual assistants are very common these days. If you are a senior citizen who loves tech then you know there are a lot of opportunities for a virtual assistant in the online market. People hire virtual assistants from many jobs including calling them at a certain time or waking them up. All these are included in the virtual assistant’s job. If a person gives you such work, you can bond with them and eventually start dating.

Book Store Representative

Book store representative is an ideal part time job for senior citizens. If you have a regular customer who shares the same taste in literature as you then it wouldn’t take long for both of you to fall in love.


One of the best part time jobs for retirees is being a substitute teacher. You get to meet other teachers and parents of different students. This increases your social circle which can help you find love. You can find love as a teacher in the form of a student’s parent or you can get very close to any of your colleagues.


If you run an inn then you might be visited by customers who are looking to date men similar to your age. Get them talking at the reception and you never know a guest today might become the host of the inn tomorrow. You have to make sure that you are not annoying the guest with your questions and comments however the time when the guests enter the inn is the best time to know if you and they click.


If you have the required expertise then once you retire from your job, you can start your own therapy services. Getting yourself in a certain field can open doors to other people in the same field. You can either find love in the form of other therapists or as customers even though it is highly recommended to never date a client and keep this part time job as professional as you can.

Taxi Driver

You never know when your life might change. Who may enter the taxi as any other normal passenger may leave the taxi with your number and heart? Being a taxi driver is however a great part time job as it brings you in contact with a lot of different people. For example, if you drive 30 people during your shift then that means you travel with around 900 people a month which is a great number to hear for a person looking for love while working a part time job.

Hotel Concierge

The job of the hotel concierge is to look after the needs of the guests. Showing affection towards a specific guest might make them feel that you like them and you never know when ‘a hotel concierge and a customer’ relation might turn to something more special.


If your part time job is that of a trainer then chances are you have regular clients. Over time you can get to know these clients and eventually fall in love.


This part time job can be based on your lifelong work. If you worked as a marketing manager you can start a marketing consulting firm and the same goes for any other education or skills that you may have. Being a consultant can open a lot of doors for you. You might come in contact with a lot of people and you never know one of those people might be the love of your life.

Become A Pet Sitter

If your single neighbour keeps asking you to walk their dog or become their pet sitter when they are away then you can be sure that they like you. No one likes to leave their pets with anyone other than the people they trust and like. The next time your neighbour asks you to walk the dog, tell them you would want to take them on a date someday.

Become A Baby Sitter

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Trusting someone with your pet is one thing but if someone trusts you so much that they want you to babysit their child then that means they trust and like you a lot. You should try to keep up with their expectations and never disappoint them. If it’s a single mother or a single father and they see you doing so good with the kids, they might make the first move themselves.

A Real Estate Agent

For people over the age of 50, trying to run here and there to fulfil targets might be difficult however they can take the position of a real estate agent as a part time job. It can help you meet a lot of single people looking to buy or sell properties. Your next sale might be to your next spouse.

These are 13 of the best part time jobs that can help a senior citizen find love so that they can live happily ever after.

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