13 Casual Jobs Not Good For Retirees

13 Casual Jobs Not Good For Retirees
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Have you ever wondered why companies retire their employees after a certain age? You may find senior citizens on boards of mega rich family owned companies. However, most of the time companies retire their senior employees based on work functionality. They believe that older citizens cannot perform certain jobs with the same effectiveness and enthusiasm for when they were young.

We live in a world where global economies are dependent on each other. This has created a complex financial structure that is very sensitive to external changes. An incident in Europe can have drastic effects on the American economy. In such a scenario, it is imperative for retirees to find opportunities to keep earning some kind of income even after they have retired from their original job.

Studies have shown that age affects your opportunity to find work. As sad as it may sound, senior citizens cannot perform certain jobs due to their physical condition or because they choose to do so or perhaps due to the required qualifications they might not have, lack of the skills and many other reasons. With age, we tend to become not only weaker but also more relax and we can lose certain opportunities.

In this article, we are going to look at 13 casual jobs that we believe are not the greatest match for retirees.

Military Job

The Military of any country is a very powerful institution and can be very rewarding to many and many have deserved for honours. Joining the military in the later stage of your life still requires you to have exceptional precision and perfection which can be difficult when you are older. There are many different jobs that one can hold in the military but if it is something that can risk your life or the lives of others then it is better that you steer clear from such jobs. Some jobs in the military require exhaustive training which can be almost impossible at an older age to pass or keep up with it daily.

Police Officer

The main job of the police department is to protect the citizens from threats and solve complex investigative cases. Such jobs require you to be sharp and work to your maximum functionality.  Unfortunately, when a person gets older, his senses start to weaken. A senior citizen might be able to do a desk job at the police department but an ‘on the field’ police officer job is not an ideal position for retirees even though many might think its an exciting and powerful job to have.


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Doctors and surgeons work very hard to save lives. There is however a very thin line between life and death when you have a critical patient in front of you. How many times do you hear that the surgeon left a medical instrument inside the body of the patient? This work always needs you to be on, to be mentally active which is why it is extremely high level of responsibility and stress as well as skills and knowledge you need to keep up with it.

News Reporter

Can you imagine yourself running all day from one place to another just to get a small 5-minute interview from a famous person? The job of a news reporter is very tough. They must be on their feet most of the time and rush to get a few words out from the famous personality before his security takes the person away. There are many senior citizens working in the field of journalism but when it comes to working in the field, those jobs are best left to the youngsters.


A small bar that is usually visited by middle age or matured people can afford to hire a senior citizen as a bartender. It can be an ideal casual job for a retiree however when we talk about nightclubs which are always full of hundreds of young drinkers then that needs a lot of work. You would have youngsters asking for a drink one after the other and if you can’t keep up with the pace then that might annoy the youngsters visiting the club. Some drunken youngsters can be impulsive and can pass on disrespectful comments.


Waiting tables can be a great casual job for anyone. Like some of the other jobs mentioned above, waiting tables doesn’t put any one’s life in danger however people want waiters to remember their order and bring it all at once and fast. As we age our memories start to become weaker and we do tend to start forgetting stuff. Even if you write the order on a notepad, you are bound to forget additional requests from the customers. In addition to that bringing the food to the table while holding a large tray can also be a problem for retirees (for many of us some times no matter of age) its a tough job.

Registered Nurse

Another casual job on the list that is related to medicine. Doctors need proper and active support when they are treating a patient. Some older people tend to be very healthy and enthusiastic. However most of the time, our age makes us less able, less mentally and physically active which might prevent us from taking more responsible jobs. Therefore, a registered nurse is not a job for retirees.

Gym Trainer

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It is always good to see people who are healthy even in when their glory days are behind them. When we think about older people, we never think about an older man with big biceps and a six-pack – but we want to see more of this, more seniors in the gym getting healthy and fit. While the gym is great becoming a bodyweight trainer in your older age can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you have to perform for 8 hours heavyweights lifting and demonstrations. There is always a risk of injury when you are training with an older person because you never know when the load might get too heavy for them. This can be dangerous for the older trainer and the trainee.


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Ever wonder why David Hasselhoff was traded for Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in the latest Baywatch movie. They wanted the cast to be young and relatable. The term ‘lifeguard’ literally means someone who guards your life. There is always a risk of people drowning or roaming dangerous sea creatures like sharks. In such cases, you must be quick and run towards the seashore to save the people from getting killed. It might be difficult for an older person to run as quick as needed. This might seem like a very casual job, but a lifeguard has a huge responsibility on his/her shoulders, this is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world for anyone.

Security Guard

Like lifeguards, the job of security guards is to save you from external threats. Whether it’s you or your property, hiring security guards should make you feel easy and less threatened. You should feel safe after hiring a security guard. There are a lot of different duties that come with becoming a security guard. You might always have to carry around a heavy weapon or you might have to chase away a robber. There is a reason most security guards are younger, big and athletic, this is due to the fact that they are strong and active and need to from time to time perform the physical intervention. Therefore, it is not a greatest job for retirees.


This is somewhat similar to security guards. For some people, being a bouncer is very tough while for others it can be a very casual job. Being a bouncer requires more than what meets the eye. They should not only be strong but also be sharp enough to understand who is trying to enter the club illegally or start a fight in a crowded place. Bouncers are usually faced with a lot of trouble with visitors which is why it is one of the casual jobs that are not ideal for retirees.

Labour Work

One of the hardest casual jobs in the world is that of a labourer. Sometimes they must work from early in the morning to late hours in the evening. This is a very tiring job, all day on your feet, can you imagine doing this for 40h a week again and again? You might have of done this kind of work earlier in your life, but now casual jobs for retirees should definitely be easier and more relaxing, smarter which is why retirees should try to avoid such casual jobs like labouring.

Hauling Company Driver

Hauling and moving companies are very common these days. If you are moving to a new location, you would need to move all your belongings to the new place. Normally when you book a hauling company to move your items to the new location, the driver must help you out with loading and unloading of your items from the truck. If you are above 50, extensive loading and unloading might be a problem and cause injuries. Even though at 50 you are still able to haul stuff, but this is one of those casual jobs that is more catered towards the relatively younger generation especially for people in their 20s or 30s.

These are 13 casual jobs that we believe might not be ideal for retirees and senior citizens. Studies show that many companies out there are age biased however there are many other opportunities available in the market that can be ideal for retirees. If you are a senior citizen who is looking for a casual job, then don’t forget to check out “Jobs Match” program. we connect you with hundreds easy, smart and casual jobs daily. Come and join the community of smart working and earning retirees.

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