11 Crucial Differences To Know Between Part Time And Casual Jobs

11 Crucial Differences To Know Between Part Time And Casual Jobs
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Today, most senior citizens like us prefer to work after retirement. Retirement from a single job does not mean that we are not able to carry out the tasks effectively. In fact, with our extensive experience, we can perform jobs more efficiently. This tends to give a new significance to retirement when senior citizens pursue a new kind of job after retirement. The job can be of any nature. Most of the seniors prefer to set up a business or work as an employee in someone else’s business. Some take on a job they always desired to do but since it was not well-paying, they had to drop it. Some do it for money. The majority of us continue working after their retirement in an attempt to make good use of our time.

There are full time, part time, temporary and casual jobs. Part time and casual jobs are the most common and doable jobs for senior citizens but the question arises: what is the difference between part time and casual? Eleven of the chief differences in the two kinds of jobs are enlisted below. You can look through them and then decide which type suits your personality and requirements.

  • Guarantee of Continuation

The reliability of part time jobs is better as compared to casual. The chances of continuation are greater as it is an ongoing job. Status of continuation serves as a difference between part time and casual jobs as the latter ones are not fixed. You can get unemployed any second. But there are two types of casual jobs: regular casual and irregular casual. A regular casual has more chances of getting a long-term job than an irregular casual.

  • Permanent Employee

A part time employee can be a permanent employee. He just gets lesser work than a full-time permanent employee but many part time workers sign a pact before beginning their work. Neither the regular casual nor the irregular casual is permanent but the regular casuals are sometimes mistaken as permanent employees and given that entitlement and benefits.

  • Leave Entitlement

A difference between part time and casual jobs that create a big gap between the two is the sort of benefits they receive from their employer or workplace. Part time employers get leaves for all public holidays, medical purposes, redundancy pay, and annual pay. Contrary to this, casual employments get two leaves yearly. Some regular casual get annual leaves too. Also, part time jobs give paid leaves whereas casual jobs offer unpaid leaves except a few regular and systematic casuals.

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  • Working Hours

Working hours are fixed for part time employees. They perform their tasks according to the deadlines already provided to them. On the other hand, casuals have unfixed working hours. They can get work once a month or once a week, depending on the employer.

  • Payment Strategy

Money is one of the main reasons why people cannot afford to sit at home ever after they retire. They have to find a job that can add to their family income, albeit a small amount. Among many other juxtapositions, one difference between part time and casual is the amount of money they pay. Part time jobs pay according to the work you do. Casual jobs are less paying and these cannot bring a considerable difference to the family income.

  • Insurance

Another difference between part time and casual employment is that along with many other advantages, some part time jobs take responsibility for the insurance of the employee. No casual is benefited with this opportunity.

differences between part time and casual
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  • Duration of Employment

Since part time jobs are permanent, they are long-term and most of the employees have a written document signed. This pact ensures the length of their jobs. Casual jobs are mostly short-lived and due to lack of reliability, they can end anytime.

  • Status at Workplace

When you work as a part time worker, you can get the status of a supervisor or a senior worker too but in casual employments, you have no worthy status. You work only when the company needs it. Their designations are mostly kept in the working class.  The difference between part time and casual in this regard is that the part time employee has a better and more important status at his workplace. The casual employ is not needed regularly. Casual works when a suitable job or a situation arrives. Then he gets paid for it accordingly.

  • Achievements

In part time jobs, since it is ongoing employment, there is a supervisor or someone to keep a check on the employee. The supervisor decides the extension of the employee according to his or her performance. In casual jobs, there is no constant supervision so there is no one to bestow the employee with any sort of achievements.

  • Promotion

Since casual employees are employed to need-basis, their promotion in the company where they work is not frequent. It rarely happens because they are not there for a long period. Promotion is based on the quality of work and period spent in a particular place. Promotion contrast adds to the differences between part time and casual employees.

  • Career Progression

Part time workers experience reflects on their CVs and the organization they work for. When it comes to casual workers, the case is different. Here, the difference between part time and casual is that the employer gives nothing substantial to the casual employee and benefits the part time employees.

The whole set of differences between part time and casual employment can provide you with a clear idea of what to choose for yourself. A job that is highly in accordance with your taste can lift your mood and ease your mid or old aged issues. By staying active, you can gain knowledge about the latest trends and stay updated with the world around you. Moreover, one more person doing an extra job can benefit the entire society too.

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