11 Casual Jobs Melbourne Has For Fearless Retirees

11 Casual Jobs Melbourne Has For Fearless Retirees

Retirement is different for many people. In my case, I retired in Melbourne, first without any full-time or casual jobs. I found that my everyday became repetitive and monotonous: take care of the grandchildren, do gardening, read, watch the television, eat, sleep, repeat. I finally got to relax and do what I want, but soon, I became restless.

Because of this, I started searching for more fulfilling activities—for my brain and for my body. Undoubtedly, most of us have worked almost all our lives. But why is that after all those years of tiresome labour, I still yearn for work? I was hungry for anything, even casual jobs.

Then, I realized that being in retirement in Melbourne does not meant I don’t have to do anything at all. I realized that being in retirement meant I can actually do what I wanted to do instead, and do it in my own pace. Casual jobs were the solution—part time work that I wanted to do and kept my mind and body active and healthy.

I found that there are various casual jobs Melbourne has for retirees. You can check these out, too. These will help you regain the flow of your life again to 2020 and beyond:

1. Be a Crafter

casual jobs melbourne craft jobs for retirees

If you love making handmade things such as soaps, knitted clothes, candles, and other types of arts and crafts, you can be  try this casual job opportunity and sell your finished products online or to local stores. Nowadays, the sustainable industry is evolving and handmade items are becoming more popular again. As a laid-back city, Melbourne is very open to this trade. This is why crafting has become of the many casual jobs Melbourne offers retirees. It is the best way to keep your mind off from your dull schedule, do something creative, and earn from it.

2. Be a Freelancer

Being a freelancer will open a lot of good opportunities for you. It is one of the most casual yet convenient jobs for retirees who don’t want to go to the office again. It allows you to pursue your passion for your skill, at your own terms. Like writing? Become a freelance writer. Good at coding? Offer your services online. Do you have marketing experience? You can offer that on a per-project basis. There are many freelance and casual jobs Melbourne is home to, online and offline. Start searching by using your local networks or scouting online through sharing economy platforms.

3. Delivery Driver

If you believe you can help people run their errands, why not become a delivery driver? It is one of the most casual jobs because you can adjust your deliveries and workload according to your schedule and even your lifestyle. Accept only what you can in a day, and have fun doing it! You can deliver food for small businesses, pick up groceries, or send parcels. It is one of the most casual jobs Melbourne has for retirees.

4. Be a Baker

casual jobs melbourne craft jobs for retirees

If you are good at baking, then why not sell your baked goods to local stores? I, myself, opted for a profession after retirement which I loved. That’s why I encourage you to follow your hobby and convert it into an income-generating venture. You can start off with cookies and cakes, which are in-demand for parties and events. Eventually, you can explore opening a bakeshop or consigning your baked goods in a café or a restaurant.

5. Be a Non-Profit Worker

If you are someone who likes to help other people and earning money is not your priority, then you can start a non-profit organization or work in one. Helping others is always a fulfilling task. Some non-profit work is paid positions, but some are volunteer positions, so be mindful when you’re applying for this type of work to set your expectations.

6. Retail Assistant

Another example in the many casual jobs Melbourne has to offer is being a retail assistant. You can work in a retail store that you’re particularly interested in. Most retail work is casual, so you don’t have to spend a whole day working. If you love helping others shop, or you like the perks that come with working in a retail store (usually discounts!), you’ll be a perfect fit for this.

7. Be a Brand Ambassador

If you like connecting with other seniors through social media, why not use your clout and influence by becoming a brand ambassador? Many businesses need help in marketing their products, and to do that, they sometimes reach out to influential accounts on social media to help them do that. There are many companies and brands targeted at retirees, and they may be looking for brand ambassadors to help them spread the word. With a little hard work on your social media and networking, you will be able to secure brand ambassador contracts.

8. Babysitting or petsitting

casual jobs melbourne petsitting 4 Retirees

If you have lots of free time on your hands, why not care for children or pets when their parents or owners are busy? Two of the many casual jobs in Melbourne, babysitting and petsitting are now in demand because many couples and households are just very busy with work.

9. Be a Gardener

It is never too late to pursue what you love. If gardening makes you feel happy, then why not help others have a great garden, too? When I retired, the first thing I did was work on my garden. Gardening remains to be one of the most popular hobbies for retirees because it’s relaxing and gets you closer to nature. If you’re very savvy when it comes to plants and landscaping, offer your services to other homes near you.

10. Be an Event Planner 

If you love arranging parties and functions, you can be an event planner. Event planning is both creative and social. You’re always thinking of innovative ideas to make a party exciting, and you’re also using your networking skills to get clients and make them happy. If you’re a creative and social retiree, this is one of the casual jobs in Melbourne that will help you earn handsomely.

11. Start a Home-Based Cooking Business

casual jobs for retirees melbourne

Nothing beats good, homemade cooking. If you love to cook and you believe that you can offer amazing, tasty meals to people, then start a home-based cooking business. You can start with selling trays or platters of your specialty dishes, and then as you get more customers and you get better with food handling and safety, you can start catering parties and events.

If you need more ideas about flexible casual jobs in Melbourne and beyond then we invite you to take a FREE Jobs Match to see what other matches you might have!

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