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Welcome to the global community that empowers retirees and seniors to get connected to fun, fulfilling, and profitable retirement projects.

Our Aim – Seniors Helping Seniors

The purpose of our community is to connect retirees worldwide and to enrich their retirement. Not only do we help seniors meet people, but we also make seniors helping seniors easier. Sharing tips and advice on an international level can not only boost your income so you can treat yourself to a retirement gift but can also improve your mental well-being as you make new friends and learn new skills.


Things You Can Do With Us

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Give a gift that is Unique & Personalized just for them! We’ve made finding and giving keepsakes easier than ever with customizable gifts for every special occasion. Shop with us online.

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We help you to match your skills, knowledge and circumstances with profitable retirement projects & enjoyable hobbies to assist seniors meet people and get more out of their retirement.

Learn New Skills And Hobbies
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Learn how to generate retirement income so you can afford an occasional retirement gift by developing new skills and hobbies in our learning academy or Savvy Seniors Masterclasses.

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Our tight-knit community gives you access to a network of advice and opportunity with seniors meeting people to learn from like-minded retirees and answer your questions.

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Join 11,918 happy and thriving retirees who get endless support, mentorship and inspiration!

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Would you like to learn new computer skills, or know of someone who might need that support? We are running FREE computer classes for seniors online and over the phone as well as in-person in Sydney and Brisbane. If you would like to expand your current skills, learn new ones, or know of a friend, neighbor, or person in your community that needs support, please get in touch with us at for more information about classes.



On the last Friday of each month, you can connect with the 4Retirees Mentors and our members! Do you find yourself with too much free time? Are you itching to learn something new? Did you know that new skills can help you find earning opportunities and meet friends in this digital age? Join our Mentor in this networking catch-up and consultation session.

Join 11,918 happy and thriving retirees who get endless support, mentorship and inspiration!

Visit Our Social Communities

Latest Activities of Global Members – have fun with us!

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Join our picknic - mania and many other outdoor activities!

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Join our cofee, drinks or dinner catch ups!

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Join us for the cruises! find your Travel Buddy here.

Members Success Stories


I am from the Central Coast of Australia. I have been a tradie all my life, and I love physical work... and helping others. I've also been collecting all sort of tools for home repair and development. When I found the 4Retirees community, I took the online assessment and was matched with different projects perfect for my skills. One was particularly perfect for me, which allowed me to list my unused tools and rent them out to others for cash. I am definitely loving this new project and people are now calling me the new tradie internet guru! Thanks to the 4Retirees community for all their help! Highly recommend taking the online assessment and talking to people in the community for help.

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I am from Myrtle Beach in the USA. I booked a call with a mentor to help me, to guide me through my... options, I wanted to have a small project as I have lots of spare time, however, I was a bit stuck, I didn't know where to start. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of options and opportunities I received! My mentor helped me develop my personalised project plan. In the beginning, I put in a bit of work, but I am now making money from my unused space at home and my car. I highly recommend booking an appointment with a mentor, who can break down the possibilities for you and explain what you can do in person.

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I am from Texas, USA; and I am a self-funded early retiree. I took a big leap of faith by starting my... own business without any previous seniorpreneur experience. As I was looking online for business support, I came across 4Retirees and decided to join the community. What I really liked about the website is the real community support. I met a few nice fellow members and got mentor support for my marketing growth plan for my existing business. What a great bunch of people! They also have great partnerships, which opened many doors for me. Thanks, 4Retirees!

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I am from Bristol, United Kingdom; and all my life I had a passion for gardening. My home garden is... filled with beautiful plants and flowers, but I didn’t know what else I can do with it. I am very thankful to 4Retirees for helping me turn that into something profitable. After speaking with a mentor, who advised me what courses to get and what next steps to take, I am now a certified urban garden designer working on my own retirement gardening project. The mentor was lovely, she helped me set up my gardening page online to promote my small project. She was very understanding and patient with me, especially since I am very new to the online platform. I invested such little time and money, but it all paid off threefold.

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Join 11,918 happy and thriving retirees who get endless support, mentorship and inspiration!

Visit Our Social Communities

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We are a worldwide online community for retirees, seniors and seniorpreneurs around the world. We are Aussie at heart with a globally open mind, and our headquarters are located in Sydney, Australia.

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